verification of benefits

Receiving a timely and accurate VOB is one of the most important aspects of revenue cycle management. In recent years however, the verification of eligibility and benefits for behavioral healthcare has become much more complex; a simple electronic inquiry does not typically provide the detailed level of care information needed to evaluate the coverage.

Our Verification of Benefits service not only receives an electronic inquiry, we call the insurance company directly to obtain every available detail of coverage and benefits.

This requires an experienced staff who understands payer benefit systems to eliminate the risk of inaccurate, incomplete. Each verification is provided to the client with a custom insurance verification form detailing those benefits to streamline the admissions process.

utilization review

The importance of the behavioral health utilization review in the revenue cycle process cannot be over looked. Having a proper and transparent utilization review process in place can mean the difference between a profit or a loss.

Our team of licensed and experienced professionals know that great communication and exceptional documentation are what you need for a quality utilization review process. Our team will work with you to ensure you are documenting the necessary information to receive the authorizations your clients deserve. Many billing companies charge separately for this service, with Benefit Recovery Partners, utilization review is always included in our rate.

billing and collection

Billing and collections go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other. If both are not working efficiently and effectively, your revenue ends up looks like a roller coaster.

Thus lies the billing secret which is widely known but not constantly followed. It is crucial that claims are electronically submitted promptly, consistently and error-free! Paramount is the follow up. There will always be a portion of claims that process flawlessly, some that repeatedly deny over and over (usually due to the insurance company errors) and then the claims that require persistent person to person follow up to get the payment issued.

Our success and the success of our clients lies in our extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of the entire billing process and the precise and persistent implementation of that knowledge and experience. The results are reliable, steady revenue.

provider training

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best dividend”- Benjamin Franklin.

Our clinical documentation training service educates providers and their staff on how to properly complete their notes to meet medical necessity requirements. This accomplished three goals, first it keeps the provider in compliance with applicable regulations. Second, it allows our UR team to obtain authorization for the most amount of days and highest levels of care. Third, by gaining knowledge and understanding of clinical documentation and processes, it elevates your staff to provide better care for your clients.

List of Services

• Advanced Electronic Claims Submission

• Real Time Payment Posting

• Claim Negotiations and Appeals

• Claims Auditing

• Monthly Patient Statements

• Fully Licensed UR Staff

• Consistent, Documented Claim Follow Up

• UB04 and HCFA-1500 Claim Submission

• Real-time Cloud Based Client Interface

• Eligibility and Benefit Verification

• Training and Education

• Administrative Consulting

• Facility Credentialing

• In-network Contracting

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